SEBA token is one of the leading tokens currently in the Crypto market

Total supply 250 000 000


SebaStock is an online media exchanging platform which aim’s to give everyone the media needed for anything! even ordinary people; This is due to the development of modern technologies today. Anyone likes to send, for example, special greetings in occasions! What media does the site offer?
1- Stock videos: You can find any clip of any scene you imagine in high quality, our stock videos are filmed by many creative creators around the world
2- Actually, it’s what distinguishes our website from similar sites; Our Professional reports, from documentary’s to News to everything! News agencies benefit from it a lot.
3- Music: We have contracted with famous music producers around the world to deliver the best music anyone would need and of course with every track you buy you get commercial use license.
4- Motion: like congratulation animation, after effects templates, advanced effects and motion backgrounds. Now, who does SebaStock target? In the modern age where social media is all over the world even normal individual’s need special videos or music to share it with people and make them shine, Freelancers and content-creators who always need’s stock videos in order to use It in their work. In the end, I suspect that SebaStock is today the number one tool that every filmmaker and youtuber should have, or anyone wanna make more videos faster than ever before. Visit us

SEBA Token Process

SEBA is the future, offering a wide variety of options and features to choose from, massively impacting the crypto market and making the process much easier for investors. The process is quite simple, hop on our dApp and grab your crate to get started. We’ve built and designed our dApp to ensure rapid deployment, maintaining sustainability to provide a fast stream of content.

Seba Stock - Motion Platform

Seba Company Projects

Roadmap Of SebaToken

Q1 2022
  • Website the Seba Token
  • Create a telegram channel
  • Create a Twitter account
  • Create an Instagram account
Q2 2022
  • Create a media site to facilitate the publication and circulation of the media easily and without restrictions.
    AR Website:
  • Creation of Apps for the media
Q3 2022
  • Create a platform for buying and selling videos:

website ready but not launched
launched will be in 2024

Q4 2022
  • Creation an affiliate marketing